Intercourse during menstruation

Intercourse during menstruation

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Just like the appearance of every woman is different, so her hormonal balances and hence her menstrual cycle.

Woman can get pregnant during her periods. The chances for getting pregnancy during periods are usually low.

A process called ovulation where a woman release an egg, or ovum during each menstrual cycle, this usually take place on an average of about 14 days before the start of a woman’s monthly period.

After intercourse the unfertilized egg that enters the women’s body may survive for next 24 hours from the time of intercourse, and if it remain unfertilized during this hours, it will get discharged during the next menstrual period, along with the uterine lining.

Having sex during period can cause pregnancy if intercourse happens just before and after period has finished.

If the strength of sperms are strong enough to survive and fertilize inside a woman’s body can be another reason possible to get pregnancy for a normal woman during her normal periods.

Intercourse during menstruation

Sexual intercourse during period is avoidable all over the world, following different cultures, caste and time periods, for the normal, commonly monogamous couple without any sexually transmitted disease, there is no such medical cause to avoid sex during period.

Blood is a good medium for certain transmittable agents to grow in, and it does spread any deadly disease during the period until and unless one of the partner is not carrying any STD.

Having sex during your menstruation does not affects the duration of your menstrual cycle or whether you ovulate.

Infections contracted while you are bleeding may be worse.

Women’s sexuality is not limited their sexual behavior and even their subjective feelings of sexual desire and attractiveness.

The evolutionary advantage of coordinating sexual activity increase in sexuality during the ovulatory phase.

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