Isagenix Reviews: Dr Oz Approval?

Dr Oz is probably one of the most popular celebrity doctors on TV and he does often endorse different types of weight loss supplements.

But has Dr Oz talked about Isagenix on his show?

AnnaThe answer to that is yes he has.

You may have seen the episode where Dr Oz talks about Isagenix and two other diets – the 21 Day Fix diet and the It Works Diet. You can watch the video here.

The episode was called “The Truth About Diet Filling Your Social Media Feed” and it’s caused a bit of a shit fight on social media.


Normally, with a weight loss product that is as popular as Isagenix you would think the celebrity doctor would be all over it, but for some reason he seems to ditch them.

This episode has definitely caused a stir on social media with comments like:

^ These are just a couple of comments from the growing anger at Dr Oz after airing the program.

Is Dr Oz ditching these diets because he is involved with a marketing network that promotes other diet programs?

There seems to be a lot of people who think this is true.

But let’s get back to the topic…

Does Isagenix Work? Reading Online Reviews..

If you’re thinking about starting the program or you’re just doing your research then this might help.

It’s always important to do your research before buying anything and when it comes to weight loss, diets or anything health related you really should consult YOUR doctor first (Not Dr Google).

With that said, I’m going to share MY findings after researching Isagenix reviews from around the web.

Straight away, I noticed a lot of mixed reviews and here is what I found.

Positive Reviews: Are They Just Too Good To Be True?

While on my search for Isagenix customers feedback I came across a lot of, let’s say “suspicious” looking reviews.

Some were a little over hyped with big bold links telling me to “BUY NOW” or “Click Here To Get Started” which kind of tells me maybe they’re fake, written by Isagenix coaches themselves or some kind of marketing tactic?

I’m not saying all of the positive reviews are fake, I’m just saying to be cautious because some just seemed a little fishy.

The same also goes with social media, especially Facebook. It’s all to easy these days to create a fan page and then go and start promoting products left right and center.

You also have to be careful when being approached by an Isagenix consultant or coach, you have to remember that these people are making money for promoting it.

What you need to look for is real reviews. This is tricky but you can normally spot a real review.

Negative Reviews: Some Are Just Brutal…

Here is something I found very interesting in my findings when searching for Isagenix reviews online, negative reviews seem to be frowned upon.

What I mean is this, when ever I found a negative review – the Isagenix army of consultants or “fans” would jump all over them defending the product.

I don’t know about you but, everyone is entitled to their opinion and if they’re unhappy with something they should be able to voice their feelings.

Some of the negative reviews even mention the words scam, rip off and say they are part of a pyramid scheme.

I will leave that up to you to decide once you’ve finished reading this review.

Isagenix Results: Unrealistic Or Real?

I’m sure you’ve come across a bunch of before and after photos when searching for weight loss online. Just about every weight loss, workout or diet product has them.

But are they ALL real? 

I’ve personally busted companies in the past promoting fake results with stolen before and after pictures from a different website.

Call me paranoid, but you have to really do your research when it comes to weight loss supplements and companies trying to take advantage of peoples health problems.

There does seem to be a lot of research behind the product and I’m sure most of the before and after photos are real but the one thing that I have heard time and time again is this – once you stop the program you gain it all back very fast and most gain more weight than they originally started with.

That’s because when you stop you go back to eating real food again and unless you’re very strict with your calorie intake you will gain it back.

Because this is a lifestyle change you kind of have to stay on the program and Isagenix is super expensive.

Isagenix Price: Very Over Priced!

The price of Isagenix is very expensive with some people spending thousands of dollars on the program just to keep the weight off.

With much cheaper alternatives that have better ratings I personally wouldn’t fork out that kind of money, but that’s my opinion.

Isagenix cost will vary depending on the country you’re from so I will leave this link for those interested in the price:

^ As you can see, it’s expensive!

Conclusion: Does Isagenix Work?

Personally, I haven’t tried it but after reading a large number of mixed reviews I’m confident the product does work providing you follow the program to a tea and stay on it.

If you stay active, and take the shakes as directed I’m sure you will lose weight

My biggest concern is keeping the weight off.

Is Isanenix safe to use for a long period of time?

Tell Us About Your Experience With Isagenix

We would love to hear from you if you’ve tried Isagenix.

Did it work for you?

Did you get results?

Was it worth your money?

Let us know in the comments below…


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