Menstruation Cycle


How The Menstruation Cycle Works

During Menstruation, from the lining of the uterus there is a flow of blood and cells this occur every 28 days in women which we commonly know as menstruation or period.

Menstruation started at young age of between the age 10 and 17.

The menstruation is a signal to the woman bodies, which she is now readiness for motherhood. It continues, unless the woman gets pregnancy.

Sometime the Periods or menstruation may change its duration.

It depends on women to women.

Most women who have menstruation regularly may become irregular in certain cases.

The regularities of menstruation cannot be predicted; the periods of menstruation can be long or shorten.

Though some women find similarities in menstruation cycles between them during adolescence and in their forties.

Some symptoms of per menopause, such as hot flashes may suffer, difficulty Sleeping, irritability or night sweats. It is still considered normal if a women found to have two or less irregular periods a year.

If you experience more than that, its better to consult a specialists.

Some changes in menstrual cycle is normal but still its advised to discuss with a Specialist.

Having annual Pap smear and pelvic exam is good.

Heavy menstrual spotting or bleeding between periods, extra tests are advice. Unusual bleeding can be a sign of a malignancy, birth control pills can also be used to control the irregular bleeding and it has shown some positive result.

Woman during the period of menstruation should have good diet and some kind of Exercise, mineral, multivitamin and supplement which help u to normalize hormone level.

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