Symptoms of Meth Use

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How To Get Rid Of Laugh Lines and Wrinkles

How To Get Rid Of Laugh Lines and Wrinkles There comes a time in ones life, especially for women, when we look in the mirror and notice those lines and wrinkles that seem to appear from no where. You might not feel older but they just seem to come when you least expect them too. … Read more

Isagenix Reviews: Dr Oz Approval?

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Ultra Hair Away Review – Does It Work?

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How foods can affect sleep?

What you eat affects how you sleep. Some foods contribute to restful sleep; other foods keep you awake. Sleepers are tryptophan-containing foods. Tryptophan (which is converted to an amino acid called L-tryptophan) is the raw material that the brain uses to build sleep-inducing substances (relaxing neurotransmitters) serotonin and melatonin. Adequate serotonin levels promote deep, restorative … Read more

Lumbar Disc Protrusion – Definition, Causes & Treatment Options

What is Lumbar Disc Protrusion and How Can I Treat it? A lumbar disc protrusion is a relatively common disc condition that can become quite painful. Very often, traditional treatments help you get rid of the pain, at least for the moment. This lens talks about the definition of a lumbar disc protrusion, to get … Read more

Can Chia Seeds Improve Health?

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Green Coffee Bean Extract Dr Oz Show Review

Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Menstruation Cycle

How The Menstruation Cycle Works During Menstruation, from the lining of the uterus there is a flow of blood and cells this occur every 28 days in women which we commonly know as menstruation or period. Menstruation started at young age of between the age 10 and 17. The menstruation is a signal to the … Read more

Intercourse during menstruation

Intercourse during menstruation (Warning: Entertaining Video Below 🙂 ) Just like the appearance of every woman is different, so her hormonal balances and hence her menstrual cycle. Woman can get pregnant during her periods. The chances for getting pregnancy during periods are usually low. A process called ovulation where a woman release an egg, or … Read more