My NOT So Positive Rodan and Fields Reverse Review

My story…Please read before buying Rodan and Fields Reverse…

There seems to be a LOT of mixed Rodan + Fields reviews and I’ve noticed there’s a new Rodan and Fields consultant popping up on Facebook every second day.

One of your close friends of family members might even be one of them?

But the question many people ask is – does it actually work?

AnnaHi there. My name is Anna and I’m a single mom with 2 kids and for the past 15 years I worked as a lifesaver at our local beach.

I no longer work as a lifesaver but definitely had a lot of exposure to the sun and because of this I’ve noticed my skin is starting to age at a rapid pace.

Over the past couple of years I’ve started to notice some dullness and discoloration of my skin around my cheeks, eyes and nose.

So much so, I had to do something about it.

With all the Rodan and Fields before and after photos popping up all over Facebook I decided to contact one of the consultants for more info.

She seemed lovely and told me everything I needed to know and convinced me to buy the reverse brightening regiment, a total of $190.

It took 16 days for the package to arrive and I started using it straight away.

My Bad Experience With Rodan and Fields Reverse Regimen

rodan and fields reverse breakoutEverything seemed to be fine for the first week (No noticeable results, but it did make my skin feel hydrated and smooth), BUT around day 11 of using it I started developing some serious acne.

Now, I rarely get pimples so it was a bit of a shock when I started seeing them pop up everywhere and it was bad.

My Rodan + Fields consultant that I bought Reverse from said to try another R+F product called Soothe but I was a little discouraged to try anything from this company again.

The acne got really bad and I had to completely stop applying Reserve because of it.

I was not alone….

I thought, “I wonder if I’m the only person who got this reaction”, so I done a Google search for things like “Rodan and Fields side effects” and “Rodan and Fields reviews“.

To my surprise, there was a lot of other people who had similar reactions, some even worse.

There are many positive reviews but there seems to be a lot of negative reviews as well with people saying it just doesn’t work.

I’m not saying it wont work for you or you will get side effects from it BUT if you have sensitive skin or have had a reaction to other creams then I definitely wouldn’t recommend using these products.

Thankfully, a week after I stopped using Rodan + Fields products the acne was gone BUT so was my $190 that it cost me for the product 🙁

Rodan + Fields Alternatives: This Is Working For Me And It’s Cheaper!

Although I was very disappointed with not getting ANY results and having a bad experience from Rodan and Fields Reverse, I still needed something to try and revive my skin.

I think you’ll agree, ageing sucks!

But I did find something that is working wonders for me and strangely enough I have my experience from Rodan + Fields reverse regimen to thank for it.

I actually found this while I was searching for Rodan and Fields reviews…

This is a little funny and alarming at the same time, because it was actually one of their consultants turned unhappy customer who said she had tried the Reverse regimen for 2 whole courses and had absolutely NO results what so ever. 

Not the best info you want to hear from one of their own consultants, but she did recommend an alternative.

She also had sensitive skin like me, but what caught my attention was the fact that she mentioned that she started seeing results in the first 2 weeks of using it.

After reading nothing but good reviews about this alternative and seeing no one was experiencing any bad side effects from it, I decided to give it a go myself.

The alternative is called Bioxin Regenerative Night & Day and so far I’m seeing some really good results.

Bioxin Regenerative: The Cheaper Alternative and It’s Working For Me..

bioxin regenerative day nightYou may have already heard of Bioxin or seen it in stores, I wish I had of a long time ago because I would have started using this earlier.

Bioxin Regenerative is an anti-ageing cream that even doctors recommend using.

The main ingredient is Hylasome EG10, which is a form of hyaluronic acid that provides moisture to the skin from water held within the gel structure.

I purchased the day and night cream together and it was still cheaper than Rodan + Fields reverse regimen.

For a jar of each as a combo it’s only $139.95 via their website here.

The regenerative night cream releases moisture steadily while you sleep and gives your skin vital anti-oxidants at the same time.

The other active ingredient is Syn-ake® which is derived from temple viper venom, well-known for safely reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

While these ingredients might sound a little bizarre, they are definitely safe and after reading through review after review there was no known side effects.

I’ve been using Bioxin for 60 days now and I’m so impressed I’ve just ordered a second course, this time I ordered 2 to get 1 free. ($279.95 but I save $139.95)

I was surprised at how quick Bioxin started working.

As I mentioned, I was using Rodan and Fields Reverse creams for 11 days without any results what so ever (only a breakout in acne).

But with Bioxin, I started seeing noticeable results WITHIN the first 2 weeks.

The discoloration in parts of my skin are starting to disappear and it’s working wonders for all my lines and wrinkles. I’ve seen a big improvement around my eyes and my laugh lines are almost gone!

I really think this day night cream is working wonders – almost like botox.

Conclusion: Rodan and Fields Not For Everyone, But There Is Hope..

In a way, I kind of feel like it was a blessing in disguise, if I hadn’t of had an acne breakout from Reverse I probably wouldn’t have found Bioxin.

Would I recommend Rodan and Field products? Again, not for people with sensitive skin. It may work for some but it didn’t do anything for me 🙁

You can read other peoples reviews on this page, there’s a few people who had the same reaction I did.

Which ever you choose, I hope it works out for you and you unlock the fountain of youth. I feel like I have 🙂

AnnaIf you want to find out more details about Bioxin Regenerative Night & Day visit their website here –

( here’s another website talking about Rodan and Fields products @ )


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11 thoughts on “Rodan and Fields Reverse Reviews”

  1. Rodan and Field products are terrible in my opinion, never seen any results and that’s after spending over $500 trying it for months..No results at all! Anna, are you still using the Bioxin? I’ve heard good things about it but after spending so much money on R&F I’m very hesitant as you could imagine.

    • Hi Pam.
      Yes, still using and loving it! My sister started using it yesterday haha, she’s 2 years older than I am but hasn’t had the exposure to the sun like me. Try a single tub first, but I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. I’ve noticed a big difference so far.

      • Thank you Anna, I ordered a container of boixin day night. Will see how it goes.

  2. I had the exact same reaction – face full of acne! I never really got acne till using rodan and fields. Not impressed 🙁

    • Ohh no, sorry to hear. It took a while for my breakout to go away. Hope yours clears up fast!
      I’m still using bioxin day night and it’s working for me. Good luck.
      Anna xx

      • I just ordered some, wish me luck 🙂

    • How long did it take to clear up? I had the same reaction and it hasn’t cleared up yet I ditched all R &f but have had continual break outs since April

  3. Can you buy the Boixin cream at any stores like offline? If not how long does it take to get it I really want some but don’t want to wait too long, I’ve heard lots of good things about it. Plz relpy thank you..

    • Hi Wendy. I don’t think you can get it offline, well I couldn’t get any where but I do live in a small town which is why I buy a lot of stuff online now. Mine only took a week to arrive, think it was 4 days actually. It’s definitely working.

      Hope that helps.

  4. Just wanted to say hi and thanks. I was reading this last week and decided to purchase a tub of bioxin based off your recommendation. Ordered on Tuesday night and they just arrived today so it only took 4 days for delivery which was a lot faster than I expected. Giving it a try, hopefully it works 🙂
    Ohh it smells really nice too!

  5. How long did your break out from R&f take to clear up ladies? I’ve got the worst skin of my life and I’ve been off it since April ☹️ Still breaking out

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