Why most of Sciatica Nerve Treatments fail to give you permanent relief?

If you are suffering from sciatica then you must have seen number of sciatica treatment that claim to give you relief that will be permanent, right?

Let me ask you a question.

How many times have you felt that you can’t control your leg muscle as you use to do them earlier?

Well the answer is obvious, you can’t count them on fingers right?

Now let me ask another question how many times you have gone through different sciatica nerve treatment thinking that this will throw away that sciatica nerve pain forever and your quality life days will comeback?

Well the answer again is the same, countless right?

I don’t say that the sciatica nerve treatments that are available or the one that you have gone through don’t work, they do give you relief from sciatica pain sometime but the pain gets back into your legs, into your lower buttocks and into your lower back quickly after that with the same intensity.

The reason behind this is most sciatica treatment focus on the pain rather than the main cause of that pain.

There main focus is to give you a quick relief from that pain and that’s why most of the sciatica treatment are not able to treat sciatica.

These type of sciatica relief treatment don’t treat that pain permanently, instead it comes back soon leaving you in the same stage again.

To make sure that the sciatica treatment you choose will give you permanent relief or not is to analyze it properly before going for it.

The very first thing when deciding whether to go for a sciatica treatment or not is to check and whether that sciatica treatment will give cure the basic cause of that sciatica nerve pain or not? Make sure it is not another product which gives you relief from that pain for just few hours.

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No More Suffering From Sciatica

Beside that some people who are suffering from sciatica get use to of taking pain killers to get relief.

Ask yourself and you will get the answer whether those pain killers are good for your health?

Of course not, no one will advice you to take pain killers every now and then just to get the relief from sciatica nerve pain for few hours after which you end up in the same painful condition at where you were.

Most often the main cause of your sciatica nerve pain comes out to be a muscle imbalance.

When the muscle in your lower buttock gets imbalanced from its right place, it keeps pinching that sciatica nerve every now and then when you move, sit or sleep thus giving you unbearable pain.

In fact this is why your legs become numb in extreme pain due to that muscle imbalance and you feel that even when you are in sleep.

If you are suffering from sciatica then you must have observed that when pain begins it usually starts from your lower back and then it gradually radiates down towards your legs.

This is because the pain follows your sciatica nerve exactly.

Since sciatica nerve is getting pinched by that muscle, you feel pain wherever that sciatica nerve is in your body.

If you want that sciatica treatment give you permanent relief then you must take action on the very cause of sciatica which is muscle imbalance.

You have make those muscles get back into there right place so that they no more pinch that sciatica nerve that is giving you unbearable pain and that is where you sciatica treatment will start giving you relief.

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Finally – Fast Relief!

If you will focus on the pain itself then you will not get relief permanently, and if want permanent sciatica treatment, you have to work on getting your muscle back into the right position.

You may not be able to figure out as of now as which muscle has been imbalanced to be honest, this is bit tricky and not easy as it looks but to figure out that you need to observe it closely or better consult with any physiotherapist who might be able to figure out which muscle is causing that sciatica nerve pain.

As soon as you figured out that muscle and work on getting it back to its relaxed position you will find that not only you are getting relief from that pain consistently but also you are keeping that pain from coming back again and again.

The point is don’t get caught up on the next thing about sciatica treatment you watch claiming to treat your sciatica, instead work on the very cause of that which is causing disturbance in the sciatica nerve.

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