Skinny Mint Tea Review – Not Worth Your Money

Skinny Mint Tea Review – Not Worth Your Money

Have you seen the marketing gimmicks of detox teas?

AnnaEndlessly promising and straightforward, you end up believing that drinking one cup each day, trims down your fat and gives you a body filled with abs.

Seriously, you don’t need to look far and find out how detox tea brands and companies equate thinness to health. And the celebrity or toned body model endorsed Instagram post is just enough to entice you to grab on the ones right at the grocery store market shelves.

No doubt, such gimmicks are what detox tea giants follow like Skinny Mint to entice you and with the promise of the weight loss along with the company’s brand reputation, you end up partaking not only the best effects but even the side effects too.

Is Detox Tea Really Worth It?

Tea is synonymous with comfort and rejuvenating.

It brings out various entities like keeping you awake, getting rid of tiredness, and with the advantage of gaining good health, you might feel that detox tea like skinnymint teatox might provide you with brownie points.

But that is not the case, as you cannot alone depend on the detox tea to remain healthy and fit

Diet And Exercise Must Go On

exercisesJust check out most of the online ads or the Instagram post related to detox tea like Skinny Mint. The Skinny Mint tea review will be having sentence stating that to get the best results, you must consume it with plenty of water, balanced meal and three to four workouts each week.

Now this might be a great thing, but if you have to continue exercising and going on diet, then why do you need to try the detox tea.

True, it is necessary to go on a strict diet and do various cardiovascular exercises, still one consumes tea like Skinny Mint just to avoid such activities.

Losing Water Weight Not Fat

Do you know that detox teas contain caffeine mixed with diuretics?

This help in reducing the water weight of your body.

So, you might feel that shedding fluids can make you feel lighter and good, but just keep in mind that you aren’t losing any body fat.

Unwanted Side Effects

side effects
Let’s take a look at the side effects from drinking Skinny Mint Teatox

Unlike the natural tea that you consume, detox tea has various herbs which are used for improving your metabolism, curbing appetite, and boosting weight loss.

One popular weight loss ingredient in detox tea is senna plant which has a natural laxative effect.

As per the NMCD (Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database), senna has potential side effects like discomfort, abdominal pain, bloating, cramps, gas, diarrhea, etc.

Also guarana is another famous ingredient present in detox teas and it causes nausea, stomach irritation, nervousness, vomiting and headache.

Now a fundamental question that comes to your mind is what does each detox tea like Skinny Mint provide?

  • Does it provide necessary results?
  • Is it worth your time and money?

Let’s check out why you need to avoid detox tea like Skinny Mint!

Skinny Mint Teatox – What It Is?

28 day teatoxExtensive marketed by fitness enthusiastic and social media celebs, this is a weight loss tea aiming to provide excellent weight loss and detoxification.

So, all you need is to have one cup of tea in the morning and one at night, and in two days, you will be healthy and fit.

Sounds interesting and magically! Yes! It is but you do need to know that there are certain complexities involved.

Just check out the ingredients and you can see that the morning one is filled with extensive caffeine.

And the night one is filled with essential ingredients that might really affect your laxative and digestion.

Of course, the product is organic but a slight check on the ingredients will provide you with a different answer.

The ingredients contain yerba mate, dandelion, guarana fruit, green tea, pineapple, strawberries, peppermint, ginger root, psyllium husk, lemongrass, orange leaves, and hawthorn berries.

In addition, while the product doesn’t direct say that it belongs or is suitable for women; still their marketing tactics is directed to the feminine side. Most often when you see the snaps or ads of this product, it shows slim bodied women in bikinis and interestingly, they don’t say that men can’t have this product, but there are certain ingredients present in this tea which suits best for women.

Also, as this product is a tea, its consumption might be limited, as certain people won’t like to have steep tea bags and reduce weight by simply drinking a liquid formula.

Big-Ticket Health Drink

expensiveIf you are really interested in becoming healthy and toning your body, but still have strict budget, then this product might not be suitable for you.

The Morning Boost of SkinnyMint cost about $29.90, while the Night Cleanse is available at cheaper price of $24.90.

For the Ultimate Teatox pack, you need to churn out $54.90 and keep in mind this is for a 28 day course.

Of course, there are various online sites that provide these products at discounted price, but still you might find it out of your budget.

No offense, it is a great weight loss product, but paying a hefty price for something that cannot fully guarantee the best results and does have some really noteworthy side-effects, is not what you really want.

Taste And Side Effects

Compared to other green tea or health drinks, various skinny mint tea reviews have shown that there are really drastic side effects involved and even tart taste.

In fact, if you check the daytime formula, you can see that it has high amount of caffeine present in it.

Of course, this is unknown to most users but it is necessary to state that various findings have shown that excess of caffeine can lead to rapid heart rate and huge amount of anxiety.

Surprisingly, caffeine is a common ingredient present in the skinny mint tea and it is not an efficient weight loss product. Also, there are chances that the amount of caffeine present in this detox tea can be taxing for the heart.

Some users have clearly stated that consuming standard dosage of the daytime formula of skinny mint team resulted in certain heart issues.

In addition, consuming the night blend of the skinnymint teatox resulted in various health issues. Certain users developed nauseous and in some cases acute stomach issues. So it means that this resulted in disrupting the sleep.

Another important disadvantage that came about from the skinny mint tea reviews was its taste.

It has a poor taste and most dieters really felt the sour and tacky taste unbearable.

Various users clearly felt that the awful taste was not the best sacrifice for something that required them to get healthy. Of course there were certain customers who felt that the bitter taste can be because of the incorrect method followed in making the tea, but still there is a huge population of users who still feel that the taste is not something that they would like to continue having.

Alternative For Skinny Mint Tea

KouTea RatingIf you think there is no alternative for Skinny Mint tea, then you are wrong.

Varieties of health drinks and green tea are available online and in department stores, which not only makes you healthy and provides you an active mind.

And one such awesome skinny mint alternative is the Kou Tea.

The Kou Tea is one of the best weight loss tea blends that help in boosting the metabolism and even promoting natural weight loss and health. This so-called Kou Tea is produced by RDK, which is the same health firm that manufactures the PhenQ diet pills.

There are currently four different varieties of teas which are blend into the Skinny Mint –

  • Oolong Tea – This helps in lowering the level of sugar in blood, increasing the fat burning properties, and even assisting in reducing the high blood pressure.
  • Green Tea – As we all know green tea helps in increasing the metabolism of our body, increasing the fat-burning properties and reducing the risk of many kinds of cancers.
  • White Tea – Not many people know is that white tea is abundant in antioxidants and assists in increasing the fat-burning properties of the body, protects the body from heart diseases and helps in decreasing the fat storage.


Is Kou Tea A Good Skinny Mint Alternative

kou teaCompared to the Skinny Mint, Kou tea has many advantages. It helps in reducing the risk of heart conditions by keeping a good and healthy weight.

So, by losing weight, you can easily remove various conditions like sleep apnea that is commonly linked to various heart diseases and to an extent in increasing the risk of strokes.

Do you know that the ingredients of the Kou Tea help in reducing the effects of certain food that you eat?

Various studies have shown that the Oolong tea present in Kou Tea can reduce the insulin spikes which often occur when you eat carbs.

In addition, the ingredients of the Kou tea can also help in reducing the common stress that you have.

Do you know that the amino acid L-theanine that is the common ingredient in Kou Tea helps in calming your body as well as mind?

Also it assists in the production of serotonin and dopamine. Now these things help you in overcoming stress, sleeping better and feeling more energetic and activeness.

Kou Tea – The Tea For Happiness And Active

No doubt, Skinny Mint tea is great and healthy tea, but when compared to the Kou Tea, it lacks the distinct of being highly recommended healthy green tea.

The sour taste and the various side effects that is present in Skinny Mint tea is easily compensated with the Kou Tea.

In addition, the Kou Tea is priced at budget friendly price and is available online.

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