Women puberty and menstruation

Women puberty and menstruation

The female menstrual cycle is normal, but not natural. As the human body has the innate abilities to adapt to disease. woman has adapted to the disease of menstruation and now uses this process as a cleansing method to get rid the female body of toxins and waste.

Because of the menstrual cycle, women now have an additional eliminative channel in the vagina, bringing their total to six major eliminative channels (colon, lungs, kidneys, liver, skin, and vagina).

Menstruation and periodical changes

During the menstrual cycle, the female body is going to saturate the blood supply in the vaginal area to help with the menstrual cycle, and as a result, during this period necessary minerals will not be transported to the other body organs.

These minerals that are lodged in the vaginal area during the menstruation there will be a leukorrhea discharge which is full of nutrition. This white discharge or leukorrhea discharge is considered healthy or normal due to its high mineral content and non-smelly or foul odour.

During this period woman are advice to take good and healthy amount of good food that contain of protein and vitamins. As the body and the organs that need and depend on these vital elements are not going to get them and the result is going to be disease or lack of good or optimal health (e.g. PMS “premenstrual syndrome”).

Medical logic suggest that PMS can be cured or corrected by counteracting mineral deficiency by giving the body more minerals before, during, and after the menstrual cycle.

Premenstrual syndrome is associated with mood swings, irritability of nerves, gas abdominal cramps, headaches, body spasms, short term memory loss, stomach pain etc. Why? Because of a lack of nutrients or organ-specific foods to these areas for proper functioning.

With blood saturated in the vaginal area during the menses and exiting through the vagina, the brain wont be getting the minerals carbon, copper, calcium and potassium at least the amount it requires.If menstruation is necessary and natural to discharge waste from the blood in a monthly basis, then why does the menstrual cycle stop or go away during pregnancy.

The answer lies in the fact of the body’s, the body intelligence knowing that a new life is forming in the flesh and that the body will need extra nutrition for the building blocks of the new life. Yet still the woman take a new form of menstruation such as vomiting, headache, high fever to name a few. Some females are so toxic, that their body will dump most of the toxins from the uterine area into the liver, which causes manifests “eclampsia,” which is liver toxicity during pregnancy.

Food supplement that are much for the woman during the menstruation period are goldenseal, cranesbill, lady’s mantle, cayenne for excessive bleeding, shoud have natural sources rich in iron e.g. yellow dock root, Green vegetables such as parsley, greens, chives, and spinach,calcium,for energy energy during the menstrual cycle include: ginseng (all species), schizandra berries, yerba mate, green tea, bissey nut, and guarana seed.

Natural remedies to counteract breast soreness and tenderness during the menstrual cycle include: (oils) borage oil, black currant oil,evening primrose oil; (externally – massaged into breasts) olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, grapefruit seed oil, rose hip seed oil;clary sage, grapefruit peel oil, and rosemary; (herbs) saw palmetto berries, honeysuckle flower, red raspberry leaf, red clover tops, yew tips, poke root, wild indigo, and red root.

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